Twister 產品介紹
Focus 產品介紹
Kinetic 產品介紹
Classic 產品介紹
Nature 產品介紹
Twister Wood 產品介紹
Twister Go Wood 產品介紹
Key 產品介紹
Nox 產品介紹
Crystal 產品介紹
WalletStick 產品介紹
Gyro 產品介紹
Trix 產品介紹
Fin 產品介紹
Ellipse 產品介紹
Executive 產品介紹
Rotator 產品介紹
Halo 產品介紹
Pod 產品介紹
Memo 產品介紹
Code 產品介紹
Shift 產品介紹
Pop 產品介紹
Clip 產品介紹
Light 產品介紹
Event 產品介紹
Swift 產品介紹
Lynx 產品介紹
Orbit 產品介紹
Twister Go 產品介紹
Active 產品介紹
Slide 產品介紹
Slap 產品介紹
Lizzard 產品介紹
Wafer 產品介紹
Alloy 產品介紹
Ink 產品介紹
Jot 產品介紹


Solar Card 產品介紹
Card 產品介紹
Core 產品介紹
Element 產品介紹
Volt 產品介紹
Lux 產品介紹
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Tour 產品介紹
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Big Boost 產品介紹
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USB手指 周邊配件

移動電源 周邊配件


保護資料鎖/Dual Zone裝置
Translation not found: SOL_ES


Boosting sales with branded USB gifts
Flashbay supplies the 'Josh Davis Band' with USB flash drives
Flashbay 與德國 European Business School校友會合作, 提供優秀中國學生赴德學習獎學金
Flashbay 成為韓國首爾Sungkyunkwan大學 (SKKU) Dasan International Network贊助廠商
Flashbay 產品榮獲(ISO) 9001:2000國際品質認證
Flashbay 推出全新支援服務
Flashbay announces 10 year product warranty
Carry your Preferred PC applications with Portable Flash Drive Apps
DataPreloaded USB Drives for efficient corporate presentations
Flash Drives for Corporate Event Giveaways
MLC Development and High Capacity NAND Flash Memory
Use Key Shaped USB Drives to Unlock Your Brand's Potential
We designed the Kinetic USB drive just for you!
Our new SMT line arrives by crane
Credit Card Shaped Flash Drives that Fit Easily In Your Wallet
A New Kind of Rotating USB Drives - The Rotator
Protect your data from deletion using Flashbay's Dual Zone Flash Drives
Imitation is the highest form of flattery
USB Flash Drives with Form and Function - Introducing the Pop USB
Inject interest into your promotional campaign with the Trix USB Flash Drive
The Ultimate Mini USB Flash Drives - Introducing the Halo USB
Share some festive spirit with the Christmas USB
Introducing the latest promotional tool – Lanyards with integrated USB flash drives
A High Tech Promotional Idea You Can Use to Grow Your Small Business
7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Promotional USB Flash Drives
Cool Things You Can Do With a USB Flash Drive
The Most Cost Effective Method to Build Brand Awareness For Your Business
使用我們的Ink USB 筆型隨身行動碟將您的品牌信息在您的目標受眾手中持續可見

5 Powerful Methods to Build Brand Awareness Without Having to Shout
Follow These Trade Show Marketing Tips to Get More Qualified Leads
Build Incredible Customer Loyalty By Giving Gifts to Clients
Marketing Ideas for Photographers - How to Get More Clients and Instantly Boost Your Business
Introducing the USB Business Card – A Cool and Powerful Lead Generating Marketing Tool
Follow these B2B Lead Generation Methods to Bring in New Customers & Boost Your Sales
Promote Your School With Branded USB Flash Drives
Learn these Powerful Persuasion Techniques to Get Anyone to Buy From You
2GB USB Flash Drives - The most popular USB Storage Capacity for Promotional Uses
Unique Fundraising Product Ideas for Schools, Clubs, and Churches
Introducing the Clip USB - a cute & tiny USB flash drive that doubles as a Paper Clip
2012 Eco-Friendly Kick-Start with the Nature USB Flash Drive
Say Hello to our Light USB Drive and Shine brighter than your Competition!
Looking for a corporate and trendy USB drive? Welcome the Executive USB
Stay ahead of the curve with the Ellipse USB
Swedish News TV Show Highlights Flashbay’s Wafer USB Card
Trustpilot Review of the Day
USB Bracelet For Your Fan Base
Introducing Carbon, our new high-tech USB Flash Drive!
Flashbay Number 1 on Trustpilot
It's Back to School for your Business with the Focus USB
Creative ways of distributing music using USB Flash Drives
8GB is the new 128MB!
Boost your Brand with Presentation Tins
Flashbay and the environment
Ordered, Customized and Delivered in just 6 working days!
British Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Appeal
Flashbay Donates to the Freedom Charity
CARE Australia Typhoon Haiyan Appeal
The Evolution of USB Flash Drives
Flashbay Donates to Qualibooks
The New Note USB Memory Pen
Which flash drive design should I choose?
The New Wafer USB Card Video
How to Stand Out at an Exhibition
Flashbay sponsors Hong Kong Junior Chamber Seminar
Trust Flashbay to supply your USB flash drives
The personal touch
Flashbay donates to the Vital For Children Charity
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Conquering ‘USB device not recognised’ on Windows
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Small Business Marketing
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How to promote your music
How to recover lost data from a USB Flash Drive
Safely Remove USB
USB Dead Drops
Flashbay offers USB 3.0 option
Presentation ideas for your Flash Drives
How much data can a USB Flash Drive hold?
Interesting uses for USB Flash Drives
36,523 Positive Trustpilot Reviews and Counting
Our new website
USB Flash Drive not showing data
Windows 10 to be sold on USB Flash Drives
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Picture this: USB Flash Drives for Wedding Photographers
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Google Cloud USB Flash Drive Service
Branded Flash Drives as Christmas gifts
Added extras for your Branded Flash Drive
Get a jump start on 2016
Branding methods for your USB Flash Drive
Pantone® Colour Matching
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Why can’t I copy large files to my USB Flash Drive?
USB Flash Drive Data Preloading
USB Flash Drive AutoRun
Our USB Flash Drive Models
Ordering Branded USB Flash Drives
USB Flash Drives for Conferences
USB Flash Drives and Gaming
The Flashbay Account Managers
Protect your files from deletion
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Flashbay now offers Branded Power Banks
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Multifunction USB Flash Drives
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Power Bank Accessories
Ireland’s President receives Flashbay USB Card
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New Year, New Products
Flash Drive Capacities
Power Bank Charging
Wear Levelling
Write Caching
We're Hiring
Data Preloading Marketing Material
NAND Prices are Set to Continue to Rise in 2017
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Flashbay Introduce Fidget Spinners
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Flashbay Celebrates 15th Year Online
How to back up music, images and documents to a USB Flash Drive
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Fidget Spinners in Space: What Happens?
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Using Your USB Flash Drive - Five Great Ideas
December Model Launches
Get ready for 2018
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Flashbay On A Recruitment Drive For 2018

New Inductive Chargers Launched
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Frequently asked questions about Power Banks
How to Increase Footfall on your stand at Exhibitions and Trade Shows
How to find the right promotional product for your business
4 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness on a Budget
Create a lasting first impression with these 10 creative promotional items
Flash Drives for Photographers
Christmas Promotional Gifts
2019 – The year of happy, healthy and productive employees!
Our Latest Model Launches
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Stay Private: Why you should block your Webcam
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Is your phone compatible with Wireless Chargers?
How to secure your Flash Drive data
Flashbay launches Drinkware range
Life expectancy of a Power Bank
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USB Flash Drives for Mobile Phones
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What are USB Read and Write speeds?
Our Crystal USB Flash Drive
Custom Branded Face Masks
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A Magnet Box for our Face Mask
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2020 Promotional Products year in review
Pantone® Matched Face Masks
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The Sky Xtra Face Mask
Insulated Reusable Water Bottles
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New colours for our Nova Water Bottle
More Colours for our Java Travel Cup
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The Rondo Travel Cup is here
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Our Sky iON Face Mask
The Duet Bluetooth Earphones
The Nifty Tote Bag has arrived
Twister Go Wood Flash Drive
City Drawstring Bag
The secure Aqualok Water Bottle
Our Fantastic Revel Tote Bag
Compact Tote Bag


为什么订单从Flashbay ?


相比外接硬碟, USB手指在使用上有什麼優點?
什麼是USB 2.0?
Flashbay USB手指採用哪種類控制晶片?
如果只有128MB, 256MB, 512MB和1GB手指驅動容量會有什麼事發生?
什麼是Windows ReadyBoost?
On the Go USB手指 (OTG) 註釋


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